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Unexpectedly fragile… March 22, 2012

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It’s late and I won’t be much of writer, and it’s all a bunch of shenanigans anyway, but if you feel like hearing about it…

Every part of my day today seemed to scheming to kill my poor little streak.

The plan was to work a long run in during my lunch break since I needed to come home tonight.  A quick little background:  I work 90 miles from my home.  Because of this, a couple of coworkers and I keep an apartment near work where we stay three or four nights a week.  We work long days – about  12 hours – so it rarely makes sense to drive all the way home for a few hours, just to come right back  before dawn.  But I planned to be home tonight and I really didn’t want to delay my departure  after work this time.  Usually, I go for a minimal one or two miles on going home nights, once I get off,  just to keep the streak while saving precious time.

As soon as I left the parking lot, this unbelievable storm got to cooking.  I creeped my car through opaque sheets of rain  to the park, stupidly hoping it wasn’t pouring there, haha.  Good Lord.  It was one of those storms that was settling in for a while, too.  Not a passing one.  Crappit, I should have checked the weather!!  I called a nearby gym to see if they charge a day rate, figuring I’d use a treadmill, worst case.  The lady was sweet and told me they absolutely do but, “Darling, don’t you come over here.  The street and parking lot’s flooded.  I understand what you need but it just isn’t worth it.”  CRAP!

I wasted over an hour, tooting around in the downpour, and time was running out so I had to head on back.  But I was feeling a little panicked.  There’s people that have done this for decades.  I can’t be the imbecile that somehow lets a little rain kill my streak after only two weeks.  No!  Well, to be honest, this is the worst storm we’ve had since maybe The storm, but so what?  It’s gonna happen.  My mind was whirring and getting a little freaked out while I tried to figure out what to do.  I checked the weather and it said 100% chance of rain through the next day.  I could run in the rain, but then I’d have wet sneaks for the next day’s running too.  Shoot.

So I pull into the parking garage at work and find a spot on a less populated floor.  And then I realize…parking garage!!  I drove a lap around the floor and found it was exactly a third of a mile.  I’ll just run my looney toons looking behind three times  around the parking garage when I get off.

Great plan, except the GPS doesn’t like it in there and I was adamant that I wanted a full mile, not a cheater.  (I wanna be honest…don’t judge!)  Eight crazy hours later, having forgotten to eat or drink anything, I found a break in the rain and went to the top deck where I could get a signal.  Knocked out the mile as quickly as I could, passing two security guards and playing like “well duh, of course I’m running laps around the parking garage in an escalating rain at night (yeah, it was cranking back up).  Everybody does.  Hello!” And made it to the car just in time as the sky came unglued again.  And I had a asthma attack.  Stupid.  I forgot my inhaler in this whole silly streak drama.  And then I drove my wheezy self 90 miles home in this crazy storm, on top of the world, having just barely saved this unexpectedly fragile little streak.

Snap.  Guess I need to check the weather.  But now I’ve got a precisely measured Plan B.  Woo!

Now what about you?


9 Responses to “Unexpectedly fragile…”

  1. Lacey Says:

    I went through streak paranoia last night! I refused to resort to a treadmill before I left school and convinced myself I would make it home before dark (really?). Racing against the daylight, I nearly stopped at 2 rest areas to pop on my Skeletoes. That’s my plan c now. Treadmill is easily plan d at the most!

    • Lorna Says:

      Dude. Thanks for being as sick as me. I’m pretty sure I referred to you as my therapist in the previous post and now I realize there’s no chance anyone’s going to take that for the joke that it was, now that shared about being panicked over one stinking mile. Exquisite.

      Also, treadmills are the devil.

  2. Whoa, totally in awe of your determination over here! Great job! (Thanks for liking my post today!)

  3. taralangdon Says:

    I LOVE the image of running around the parking garage and the security guards. I bet people think runners go out of their way to look bizarre! Hahahaha!

    • Lorna Says:

      HA! No doubt! I remember, now, that I once saw this woman running laps up and down the airport concourse and thinking, “Whew, what is up with THAT?” And now I’d bet anything she was a streaker waiting on a delayed flight! I TOTALLY understand now!

      Hey, congratulations on all that wicked progress you’re making. I’m following your posts!

      And thanks for checking mine out.

  4. pintofgoals Says:

    Thanks for following my blog, Lorna! I read you first two posts and think you have great “voice” (sarcastic, slightly self-depricating, honest) in your writing. Plus you use lots of parentheses like me – love it 🙂
    My friend Bridget, who also has a blog, did the streak after reading about it from Skinny Runner’s blog. It is a great goal, especially if you struggle getting into the habit. I also struggle with running after work; it just sucks, and honestly, I often have crappy runs. My best work week runs are in the morning before work.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your streak!

    • Lorna Says:

      Well hey, Angie (did I get that right?)! Thank you for pretty much the kindest comments ever! And for checking out my little blog. I was delighted to stumble across yours, and find you writing about so many of my favorite things (Hunger Games, Body Pump, running, marathon!, crossfit, traveling, etc.). You write a beautiful blog (particularly with your clever parenthetical statements…haha)! Can’t wait to see how your marathon goes! (I’m attempting one in the late fall and love reading about others’ journeys there.) Of course I’m the last person to hear about running streaks, but I think it has fixed me. Getting my run in has become as much a regular part of my day as brushing my teeth, thank God! You are definitely not alone on having bad runs now and then. I guess they have their function, in that I fall desperately in love with the good ones. I’ll be sure to check out your friend’s blog, and look forward to reading more of yours! Thanks again!

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