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Running, Researching, Hydrating, Blocked April 25, 2012

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It’s really a shame that there isn’t someway I could just shoot my thoughts straight from my head, while I’m running, to here.  Unless there’s an app for that…is there?  I have so many things I want to talk about and seemingly endless clarity while I’m out on the road or at work, but then the very instant I plop in front of my computer I am all things but articulate and concise or even a little bit entertaining.  Grrrr.  What I do to “try” to get past a block – freewrite?  outline?  Heck no.  I start researching stuff on the internet which leads me down all manner of rabbit holes from blogs, You Tube,  podcasts, Daily Mile, magazines, books…it’s endless.  And then I’ve run out of free time.  So no writing has occurred, but learning stuff?  Yep.  So probably not a great way to get to writing, but awesome for killing precious bits of free time.  I’m like a free time poacher.  I don’t see it much, but when I do, I KILLS it!

So my little running streak turned 49 days old today.  No big feat, I realize, but I am glad to say that running each day has effectively taken on teeth brushing status…it has to get done; I don’t even think about it.  SO, I’m glad of that.  I deserve to have to run everyday.  Just look on my DailyMile prior to the beginning of March (click on the DailyMile box on the right-hand side of this page)…pitiful.  I was a very badly behaved girl.  Speaking of DailyMile, you should totally come be my friend.  I’m a pretty good encourager (well, I’m alright).  It’s a pretty fun little site.  I get a kick of seeing how many doughnuts I’ve burned.  Also, I like joining the various challenges that people post on there.  Okay, I like the bubbly graphs.  They amuse me.

Remember how excited I was to be getting faster?  Yeah, I’m not getting much faster anymore.  Eh, whatever.  I’m so much more captivated by distance than speed, but STILL.  I’m pretty sure a big part of that is me being a lazy slacker bum about doing hill and speed workouts.  I don’t do them.  I feel guilty every week, but I just haven’t worked them in.  Lazy.  So my next goal is to get at least one of each in each week.  Ugh.  How much do I love just throwing my ear buds in and going my required mileage without having to think about it?  A LOT.  This is the next stage in my acquisition of all that discipline that eludes me.  Anybody out there have any ideas on how to get motivated for this?  Anyhow, I’ve managed to get ALL of my prescribed training runs in each week since I started my mileage buildup three weeks ago…victory!  (For me, anyway.)

It’s in the 80s and 90s here so I’m taking water with me on my longish runs.  I’m a weinie about getting thirsty while running, so I sometimes like lots.  I look like a big fat rookie, I know, but I just figure the added weight of the water will just enhance my endurance (right?).  My hydration journey started last year, while training for my first 20k.  I couldn’t get excited about the dinky little flask types of bottles-on-a-belt (see Lacey’s below, on the left), which I felt like I would easily drain within the first mile, so I opted for something a bit more robust (see mine on the right).  Also, I needed the larger pack to accommodate  my convenient running-as-much-as-I-do nose.  I just can’t execute a proper snot-rocket, so I have to pack tissues.  There, my secret is out.

This year, I started experimenting with a Camelbak.  I snagged one up on a whim one day, just before a 10 mile run, because I forgot my ten-weeks-in-the-wilderness-belt (above).  It was a cutie:

Called a “Skeeter”, it held 50oz. of liquid.  I knew pretty much nothing about Camelbaks, but this one seemed like it would do fine.  I went to put it on and found I had to let the straps out ALL the way.  Dang, guess I’m about as big as they expect chicks to get.  Anyway, I ran my ten miles and loved this thing…barely was aware of it.  I had swigged the entirety of it by mile six but didn’t suffer in the miles after.  I started thinking I might need a bigger one.  Researching the next day, turned out I picked up the children’s model.  HA!  Guess I’m as big as they expect kids to get.  Yay!  Anyway, I passed that one down Lacey, the kid-sized girl, and picked up “Aurora”:

Last week's long run

This one is a 70oz. which apparently NO one else in the world runs with.  I am the only person needing this much water, excepting those running the Sahara.  My good friend/running buddy Linda tries to get in on the long runs with me.  She gets by on a teaspoon:

Linda before last week's long run

 Today, I did 7 with my handheld bottle, which ended up being just right.  I thought it would be annoying to have something in my hand while I ran, but it isn’t so bad.  It’s got a strap to tighten around your hand, so you don’t even have to clutch it.  I am getting used to using it for shorter runs.  I’ll share with you a secret: I’ve got a 100oz. Camelbak, also, for the really long runs.  I haven’t seen many experienced runners using these things (they seem to LOVE handhelds) but I’m big on being able to leave and not come back to water source for a few hours.  I feel like a Spartan running around with a little extra weight with this one, but then I’m the distance over speed girl.  There’s my true hydration confessions…what about you guys?

I have, for now, ditched my Pandora dubstep station (don’t judge…it gets me going) during my runs and switched to running podcasts.  They’re pretty subdued, yeah, but really interesting.  Like an extension of my little research hobby WHILE I’m running…woo!  I’m listening to Marathon Training Academy and Two Gomers Run a Half-Marathon, the first being pretty informative, while the second is more just entertainment.  I’m almost out MTA episodes and searching for other podcasts to follow.  Anybody have suggestions here?  There’s also a pretty good one called RunRunLive where this guy interviews somebody in running each episode, which I love, but I have to kind of skip through some of the small talk in the beginning.  Speaking of, I’m reading a bunch a bunch a bunch about ultrarunning these days.  I’m just blown away that these things even happen and I want to know more about the people that do them.  I mean, are they super-human?  What I’m learning is that these folks have conditioned themselves to the point that they are comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Holy schnikes, do I need to learn to do this.   So I’ll report back on what I learn.  I’ve got two books going about the Badwater Ultra out in Death Valley…it’s nuts…135 miles in temps around 130.

Well, you can see that I still haven’t made much progress on the articulate and concise front, but I’m glad I finally got a little bit unblocked and threw some stuff out there.  I actually have tons that I want to talk about and get ideas from all you guys, but that will have to wait until perhaps next week, when I haven’t squandered all of my free time and I’m magically talented at writing…haha.  Talk to you guys later!

ps…check out my little garden:

I planted late this year…around the beginning of April.  Above are my little baby plants.

So we’ve had lots of rain and the plants are growing like weeds.  I’m so excited!